Ely Flores.

Human Being. Dreamer. Doer. Mignonne. Petite Ensenadoise. Little Crazy. Software Engineer. In .

Work in progress. Shower Singer. Home Dancer. Life Traveler. Book Addict. Star Wars Love.

Code is like the pages of a book that stick in my mind and my heart and whispers to the processor.

Me during an inspiration moment.

About me.

I am a Software Engineer from Baja California, Mexico. I am Software Engineer @ Nearsoft and Adjunct Professor @ the University of Baja California.

I love working while having fun, learning new things every day personally and technically.

When I am not programming, I am participating in workshops (e.g. Django Girls, Hour of Code), conferences (e.g. DevDay4Women) and communities (e.g. Women Who Code). You can also find me reading, watching movies, practicing yoga, taking a walk, drinking a good glass of wine or enjoying a wonderful view.

I am a teacher at heart. As such, it is imposible for me to imagine not sharing what I've learned with students around the world.

Jim Collins, author of Good to Great.

I like helping students be better prepared to land on their first real Software Engineering Job and help them acquire practice on the tools, technologies and processes that companies use (at least the ones I know about!).

Interests: Software Development, Technology, Teamwork, Code Quality, Leadership within Software Teams, Management Practices, Bridging the Business with Tech, Community, Diversity, Travel, Literature, Education, Languages, Culture, Health, Gastronomy, Enology...


I am Adjunct Professor @ the Universidad Autonoma de Baja California (UABC) - Campus Ensenada.

In colaboration with Fernando Montes, we teach the course of Development of Web Applications in Java (DoWa Java). Content course is here and practices are here. Feel free to contribute and let us know of any mistakes we might have made! :-)

Beautiful view from UABC - Ensenada


I reading, so I want to share some of my favorite books!

Aaaaand what books I am currently reading. I try to have 2 books on my current reading book list:

  1. Technology (technical, hard skills) book
  2. Social sciences / soft skills (psychology, well-being, health, teamwork, human relations, etc.) or general literature book.

Oh! you can also find me in goodreads